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I am a student in my early 20’s and in my final years of finishing my Bachelor Degree in Naturopathy. I have been interested in the therapeutic benefits of different foods and using food as our medicine. It is amazing how many people rely on supplements today to “cure” or “fix” their symptoms when really we need to look to find the cause of the symptoms in the first place. That headache is not a deficiency in Magnesium tablets, its a deficiency of magnesium in the diet and with the right knowledge we can know which are the best foods for their magnesium content and therefore use the food that we eat to treat the cause. This is just an example.

Like a lot of people I struggle to eat a healthy and nutritious diet whilst juggling my other commitments like uni and working part time. I am continually learning how to do this and will include posts in my blog about how to make healthy eating easier for the busy person. All it takes is a bit of planning and hopefully I can help give you some ideas on how to improve your diet without taking up too much time.

I am a soapmaker as well and have been making handmade cold process soaps from natural ingredients for a few years. I also enjoy making other body products from raw natural ingredients as I believe we can gain an abundance of goodness from these fresh and nutritious fruits, vegetables and other ingredients.

I also believe that exercise and fitness is another important aspect of a persons total well-being and am excited to write a few posts about the benefits and how to incorporate more movement into our day.

I believe in a physical, mental and spiritual approach to our health and well-being and defining health as not just the absence of disease but as the presence of vitality and life in a person. I aim to optimise health and this includes all areas of a person and their physiological functions including energy, digestion, nervous system, sleep, and stress management to name a few.

So feel free to read this blog as I continue along my journey of study and education in the most exciting field that I know, nutrition and natural health.



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